Assembly Line

Assembly line with half finished Shark Donk-E cars waiting for the HS 3D The Movie quest to start

You can have up to 3 Quests at a time, once you complete all 3 you may receive 3 new ones.

Generally the top quest is a drag race, and the other two will require you to build a number of cars. (Sometimes within a time limit)

Quests may give Cash, Reputation, Donut, or Xp.


  • When you have difficulty winning a drag Race: Look at the top car you could build, unlock it. If you already own it, build 10 of it to upgrade it's Stage kit and Horse Power. Only shift up when your arrow is 1-2 pixels in the red.
  • On other quests, check which cars need to be constructed "before" clicking accept.
    • Find the cars that are requested with the highest WP and build those first. Fill up your garage and do not let the cars ride outside yet.
    • Let your donuts fill up to 25-30 or more before starting the quest.
    • Once your donuts are full, a single team of "high stamina" elite engineers will be able to finish most quests easily.
    • If you still have difficulty finishing the cars within the time limit - use Items to boost the WP of your elite team.


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

  • Flying FrenchMan - Jean Le Fou (1Cash 8,000 Reputation 5 Donut)
    • Objectives: Win this Drag Race
  • Action Movie - Triple BOOM (1Cash 25,000 Reputation 5 Donut)
    • Objectives: Build 2 Berliner Turbo for a chase scene
  • TheDoc's Experiment - Electric Wizard (15,000 Reputation 5 Donut)
    • Objectives: Build 2 Shark-E for an experiment

Tier 4

Tier 5

Tier 6

Tier 7

Tier 8

Tier 9

Tier 10

Tier 11

Tier 12

Tier 13

  • Taxi - De La Marne (1 Cash 30,000 Reputation 10 Donut) Time Limit: 7m
  • Red Planet - Life on Mars (1 Cash 10 Donut)
  • Grrr ! - Zombie Joe (1 Cash 10,000 Reputation 10 Donut)
    • Objectives: Win this Drag Race

Tier 14

Tier 15

Tier 16

Tier 17

Tier 18

Tier 19


Sometimes there are week-long events with special rewards.

See: Special Event.